3 hacks to get rid of period pimples

We all know how it is .. Periods. Cramps in your belly, cravings for unhealthy food and pimples. Pimples are very annoying but we have three tips to reduce your pimples.

  1. Remove dead skin cells 

    Instead of exfoliating once a week, it is better to scrub three times a week.  But that’s only if you have oily skin. For dry skin it is better to take a hot shower to open your pores.

  2. Eat well

    Fish and primrose oil are good for hydrating your skin, giving you less pimples during your period 🙂
  3. Massage your face Massage your face gently every night with coconut oil. This ensures better removal of waste products while you sleep. Massage your face with your moisturizer in the morning to stimulate your circulation. Importantly, massage your face always from the bottom to the top (upward movement), it is intended to lift your facial muscles.

I hope you try this at home, it’s worth it..

Until next time!

Featured Image: Google.com

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