Hacks to remove stains from clothing

We have all been through it, you go out with your friends to a restaurant and oops.. Red wine on your blouse. In the morning you are doing your make up and there it goes.. Foundation on your shirt. What to do? We have the solution to remove the stain, with products that you simply have at home!

1. Lipstick
You can easily remove lipstick with hairspray! Yes it’s true, you don’t believe us?

Video: Purewow

 2. Foundation
Foundation on your favorite shirt? Don’t throw it away! But spray shaving cream on it!
Spray the shaving cream on your foundation, let it withdraw for 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water and throw it in the washing machine. If it does not work properly, try mixing alcohol with your shaving cream!

3. Red wine
Dab with soda water on the stain, cover with salt and leave it for a day. Throw it in the washing machine and voila.

4. Oil
Lemon works well with small oily stains. Do you have lemon at home? Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the stain. Throw it in the washing machine and it’s oil-free!

Do you know more hacks to remove stains from your clothes? Please share 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit

Until next time.


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