How to make your own bodyscrub + benifts of scrubbing

We are constantly working in our life, and we have almost no time to pamper our bodies. But we have sorted out the benefits of scrubbing and  to make it even better ..We tell you how to make your own body scrub.

The benefits of exfoliating;

1. Dead skin cells
By exfoliating your skin you  remove dead skin cells, so body creams and lotions can absorbe faster. The top layer of your skin is now thinner, so your care products penetrates better and faster into the skin.

2. Prevents gray skin
By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells, you get a fresh glow on your skin. So if you don’t want a gray skin, start scrubbing!

3. Fixes ” a problem skin “
The reason why you get pimples is because your pores are quickly clogged. By exfoliating your face, your pores become less clogged and the pimples don’t like that. When you have pimples you can use facial scrub and you don’t have to suffer in the future of more impurities. We all want that, right?

4. You will quickly get a tan
For those who would like to be tan, by exfoliating your skin the sun can penetrate faster. But remember to smear suncreen!

How to make a body scrub?

What you need:
– A big bowl and a spoon
– 500 gram organic cane sugar
– 150 ml of coconut oil
– 150 ml almond oil
– Vanilla extract
– Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg
– Pot  ( where the scrub goes in )

What you have to do:
Pour 500 grams of cane sugar in a large bowl. Then pour a small amount of the coconut oil (which you’ve heated in the microwave) and stir it. Do the same with the almond oil, first pour a small amount and stir , if you want you can pore more for a right substance. Some people like a drier scrub and the other want a good liquid scrub.For a delicious vanilla scent, add your vanilla extract to the mixture. Add only a small amount and stir well. Eventually it should look like this;


Add the herbs, don’t add too much but keep it to two teaspoons of cinnamon and two teaspoonsn nutmeg. Stir it all together and then when you’re done, scoop it into a pot.
Because you have made the scrub yourself, we recommend you to use your scrub one to two week and keep in the refrigerator. Make sure if you want to use your scrub, use a clean spoon to get your scrub out. Also make sure that no water gets in your scrub, because that can only cause bacteria.

Last but not the least;

We have also thought of your lips. Very often your lips suffer, perhaps it’s because of the cold or you have just cracked and dry lips.

What you need:
– Sugar
– Coconut oil
– Lemon juice

This is what you should do:
Mix one tablespoon of sugar and lemon juice and coconut oil and stir it until it gets sticky. Scrub your lips once a week. Scrub vigorously enough that you lose the dead skin cells, but of course not too hard because it can cause irritation. Then rinse the scrub with water.

And the result? Soft full red lips. It’s cheap and easy!

Let us know what you think!

Featured Image: weheartit

Until next time 🙂


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