The original fairy tales

You’re never too old for a Disney movie. You’ve probably heard that the Disney version is not the Original version of the fairy tales.

Sleeping Beauty

The Disney Version: As a small child Sleeping Beauty is cursed with a sleeping spell by the evil witch. At the age of sixteen she falls in a deep sleep after she pricked herself on the spool of the spinning wheel. The prince kissed her awake and they lived happily ever after.

The original version: Sleeping Beauty was not kissed by a prince, but a king urges her room and raped her. She is now pregnant by the king with twins. And only months later she woke up. The king who was married, pushed his wife into the fire after his wife forced him to eat his twins. He married Sleeping Beauty and they lived happily ever after …

The little Mermaid

The Disney Version: mermaid Ariel falls in love with a man.
She trades her voice for legs to win her beloved Prince Eric.

The original version: In the real story, Ariel suffer excruciating pain when she walks. And Prince Eric is in love with another woman. Ariel doesn’t know what to do and she and her sisters buys a magic knife, so they can murder the prince so she can be a mermaid again.



The Disney Version: After Cinderella met the prince at the ball, he arrange a search for her with the shoe which she lost on the ball. Her step sisters tries to put their feet into the shoe, but only Cinderella fits him. The two marry and live happily ever after.

The original version: Cinderella and the prince married actually. But there were still some heinous acts in advance. As one of her step sisters cut off her toe to fit the shoe and the other loses a piece of her heel. During the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince, the pigeons picked the eyes of the step sisters out.

Snow White

The Disney Version: When Snow White takes a bite of the apple that is poisoned by the evil queen, she appears to be dead. The seven dwarfs make a glass coffin for her,
but when the prince wants to give her a last kiss goodbye, she wakes up.

The original version: The prince kisses Snow White awake,
but the evil queen is really looking at its end. She was invited to the wedding,
but got hot metal shoes which she had to dance on until she died.

Featured Image & Pics: weheartit
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