7 Tricks to add more volume to your hair

1. Toss your hair to the side

Is your hair always the same? Then it’s time to change that.
Throw your hair a little to the side, the effect? It gives the roots of your hair a boost. 

2. Dry Shampoo is your best friend

It’s true that dry shampoo gives a wonderful effect on your hair. It takes all the “extra” oil out of your hair,  so your hair becomes lighter. 

3. Play with your hair

By playing with your hair, you create extra volume. If that doesn’t give your hair enough effect, you can give your roots always a bit more body, by backcombing your hair with a comb. Do you have curls? Then you should just comb your hair. Don’t do this with a brush to prevent damage.

4. Do not apply conditioner to your hairline

If your hair finally dries up, your hair is longing for nourishing conditioner. But not your roots! It actually makes your hair heavy if you put conditioner on your hairline.


5. Apply eyeshadow to your hairline

By applying eyeshadow on your hairline, it looks like you have more volume. This is the trick the Kardashians use. They also said you should use an eyeshadow as the same color as your hair. 


6. Dare to cut your hair

With a fresh haircut you give your hair quite a boost. The ends of your hair becomes much healthier and thicker. 

7. Be kind to your scalp

Give your hair a hair mask or an oil treatment. Let your hair rest once in a while ( in a braid ), but don’t forget to comb your hair! Your scalp also needs rest, a head massage also does miracles…

Featured Image: weheartit

Until next time 🙂


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