How to: walk on heels without feeling any pain

You have a party tonight and you want to wear your heels. But then you think of the pain that you get halfway through the party. But don’t worry because we have THE hack for you. To go to your party with your heels on without feeling any pain. 
The nerve between the two toes next to your little toe ensures that you get an uncomfortable feeling, if you get too much pressure on your toes. To avoid this pain, you can tape the two toes beside your little toe with tape together. Because of the taping, it illuminate the pressure, resulting in no more sore feet!

Featured Image: weheartit

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6 thoughts on “How to: walk on heels without feeling any pain

  1. I can confirm this works, but it’s only going to give you an extra two hours or so and needs to be bound quite tightly to work properly. Also I would recommend micropore/surgical tape which is breathable and keep the tape in your bag in case it splits and needs to be reapplied. At a push a long plaster would do the job too.

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