6 reasons why chocolate is good for you

Of course we mean dark chocolate is good for you..

1. It reduces your risk of having a stroke

The Swedish study showed in 2011, that women who ate a lot of chocolate, had 20 percent lower risk of having a stroke than women who doesn’t eat chocolate. Well good to know the definition of “much chocolate” is according to the study 66 grams per week, or about 1 to 2 bars. Hmmm…

2. It protects your heart

The year 2011 was good for the chocoholic: because the study proved that chocolate leads to 37% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


3. It can lower your blood pressure

Dark chocolate contains a lot of polyphenols; antioxidants, that is good for your body in so many ways. Science discovered that dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure. White chocolate, on the other hand, does nothing for your blood pressure.

4. It protects you against diabetes

You think: you will get diabetes if you eat a lot of chocolate, but dark chocolate can actually protect you from diabetes. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which is good for your insulin sensitivity. Nice news.

5. It is a kind of a natural painkiller

Okay, chocolate is not really a painkiller, but it does have some effects that are similar to what aspirin does to your body. As cocoa thins your blood; exactly the same effect of a aspirin, which means less risk of blood clots.

6. It reduces stress

In the study of 2009 people who were very stressed, get every day 40 grams of dark chocolate. After two weeks, their stress levels were reduced significantly. More proof we do not need.

Featured Image & Pics: weheartit

Until next time 🙂



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