It’s storytime and today Angela wants to share her story.

Hi guys, my name is Angela, and I have a story about how I caught one of my best friends having…

So I was on the couch watching Netflix, which I do almost every time when I’m home and I have nothing to do. I received a message from my best friend and she asked if we can meet. I had nothing to do, so I said okay. At that time my best friend had a kind of a weird thing going on with a boy, so she had no relationship but there was a guy in her life. But they never did hang out together.

So I arrived at her house, and she did very mysterious and she told me that she had a surprise for me, and that we will go on an adventure. In the car she told me about the “boy” which she has a weird relationship with, apparently he asked her to hang out. And that his friend will be there too, so she should take one friend with her. When she told me about her plan, we already arrived, so I couldn’t go. It was so awkward, we just talked and at one point I noticed that the guys tried to get me drunk. Because his best friend was into me, but I was not feeling him.

So I was glad when the night began, because I just wanted to go to sleep. I slept in the basement with my best friend. But in the basement there was another room. I was half a sleep, when I felt my best friend moving. I turned around and saw my best friend walking into the room of the boy she talks to.

I heard giggling in the room, and all I could think was …. She won’t do this to me, right? Suddenly it was quiet, too quiet … I asked myself what did I do to deserve this?! Because I literally heard heavy breathing and it was clearly my best friend! You know when you can hear if someone puts his hands over someone mouths, so you hear a softly scream.. That is what I heard for like hours.. It was kind of a muffled scream. It was a really thin wall, so I could hear how he picked her up and then tossed her on the bed again. It was very loud, that it seems like he was hurting her. But it was just her moaning.

I wanted to go upstairs to sleep on the couch, but unfortunately it was already taken by the boy who was into me. The next day was apparently round two..

Are you intrested in part 2? I hope you will like and comment!

Featured Image: weheartit


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