The best hacks against cellulite

Unfortunately there is no escape, but almost all women have cellulite. What are we talking about? Those bumps and fat deposits in your skin, especially around the butt and legs. Right, cellulite. Despite that cellulite is genetic, you can make sure that it will be less than what you have now. You’re welcome: the best tips against cellulite.

1. Exercise regularly

Time for the hard truth: Cellulite is pure fat.  And ‘extra’ weight can
contributegirl and sport afbeelding to an orange peel skin. Advice? Move. Run, swim, yoga, dance, spin. Do it!

2. Massage

Find a best friend that loves to visit a spa or wants to go for it themself.  Um, we are talking about a massage.. If you massage your skin, it stimulates the circulation, so fat can be broken down.

3. Scrub

Scrubbing does not only remove dead skin cells, but if you scrub with caffeine, the cellulite will also be less by the fat that is broken down.


1. Green tea

Three to five cups of green tea could help smooth your skin. Why? Green tea contains a substance called theobromine. A substance that is also present in chocolate and stimulates the release of stored fat in the body.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is not only low in calories (and delicious taste), but it contains the substance alpha lipoic acid. This substance prevents collagen to be hard in your body. And yes, you guessed it, the hardening of collagen is why cellulite occurs.

3. Water

The waste in the air are the main non-genetic reasons for weak skin and weak circulation. And you will get cellulite. By drinking water you stimulate the body’s detox process which ensures that the toxins disappear. Eight glasses of water a day, keeps the cellulite away! ( or less )

Until next time 🙂

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