10 tricks to look more beautiful in one minute

1. Melt an ice cube on your face.

Rub an ice cube over your face until it is melted after your face cleaning rituals, to shrink your pores. Less chance to get pimples!

2. Eat a banana and rub the inside of the peel on wrinkles that you may have.

Bananas between meals you can feel full and keep your blood level up to par. Bonus: the inside of the peel contains enzymes that exfoliate and moisturize. Rub the inside of the peel on your face until the inside of the peel is brown (this takes about a minute) and wash your face.

3. Make sure that you always have rosewater in your bag.

If your skin is dehydrated, collagen breaks down. If you feel that your skin feels tight and dry, spray some rosewater (an anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts your cells and prevents acne). (Do not touch your face, associated with bacteria!) Let it soak in and you will have a beautiful hydrated skin.

4. Sprint or do as many jumping jacks in 60 seconds.

This gives your circulation and oxygen boost, your metabolism will work faster- and your face will also get a tan.

5. Put hair mousse into your hair ends and make a high bun until the morning.

Be ready for wonderful, loose curls in your hair.

6. Use lipstick  to add more color to your eyes, cheeks and lips.

If you don’t have time for a full make up look, then put some lipstick on your eyelids, cheeks and lips for an instant beautiful look.

7. Use leftover coffee grounds mixed with olive oil as a quick cellulite scrub.

Mix the contents of your coffee with a few drops of olive oil and rub it on your body before you get in the shower. Make circular movements. The caffeine in coffee makes your skin tighter.

8. Skip sugar pause.

Too much sugar breaks off collagen and elastin in your body, which leads to appearance of lines and wrinkles. Instead of sugar, you better go for something healthier.

9. Wash your hair with warm water, followed by a cold shower so your hair roots will close and your hair will shine more.

10. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after you use shampoo.

Dip your hair in a cup of apple cider vinegar for instant shine.

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit



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