Men with deodorant are more attractive

Scent plays an important role in determining whether you’re attracted to someone or not. But guess what? According to a study by The University of Stirling in Scotland, scent is even the most important thing!

And we don’t mean the body odor of a man, but their deodorant. For the study they had women who judged 130 men by their masculinity.

And another group of women judged the men on the basis of their scents. The answer? Men who score low on masculinity with their photos, pulled it right up in the other group, because they were wearing a scented deodorant.

The other group of women who smelled the person’s scent,  gave a higher ” masculinity ” rate to the not as ” masculinity ” guys on photos.

Gift idea: deodorant for your boyfriend or crush! And you thought he couldn’t be more attractive than he already is… hmm

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit


One thought on “Men with deodorant are more attractive

  1. Basic hygiene… sexiness aside, I couldn’t be with a guy who doesn’t wear deodorant and who doesn’t shave his armpits, because eww bacteria overload.

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