5 make-up tips for hot days

It can be tricky to wear makeup if it feels warm all the time, or if a drop of sweat slides down. We have 5 make-up tips for hot days.

1. Use blotting paper

Blotting paper can be used to clean your face and removing excess oiliness. But also to refresh your skin before you’re putting your makeup on. You can buy it at the drugstore, but the napkins of Starbucks also seem to works well.

2. Use a lotion

A lotion is good; to refresh your skin, but also to create more peace in your skin. Tip: Clarifying Lotion Clinique is perfect for this.

3. Keep your makeup products in your fridge

If you keep your moisturizer, toner and lotion in the fridge, it gives a quick cool down, before you’re putting your makeup on. Handy if you’re going for a night out after a hot day.

4. Always use a beauty blender or brush

If you apply your foundation with your fingers, your foundation can melt on your face when it’s getting warm. If you use a beauty blender or brush this happens less quickly.

5. Finish always with a powder

When you’re done with your makeup, then it is good to end it with a finishing powder. This ensures that your makeup stays all day long – even in warm weather.


Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: Zendaya


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