The five most recognizable points for women that only shops in the sale

Do you love to shop, but you don’t want to pay the full price? Then sale-shopping is probably your favorite activity. The next five points are recognizable.

1. You know exactly when the sale begins
Mid-season, Summer- and winter sale: the periods are marked on your calendar.

2. You wait until the discounts reach really high
Only 20% discount? You wait for two weeks and then the discounts begins at 50%.


3. Full prices seem so high
A dress from $50 outside the sale is often too expensive for you, but $50 for something that was  $100, is a must-have.

4. You are not afraid for the “big mess”
Where other people just run away because they see the sale-corner is a mess, you see it as a challenge.

5. Sold
Unfortunately, this happens when you shop on sale: the item that you have for months on your wish list is sold out in your size.

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image & Pics: weheartit




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