5 things that will happen if you sleep with your makeup on

You’ve probably heard from several people: never sleep with your makeup on. In case you don’t know what will happen, we have 5 facts that makes you want to run to the drugstore and buy skincare products.

1. Pimples
If you don’t clean your face, the dead skin cells and dirt will stay on your face. This ensures that your skin can’t breathe and can cause chronic inflammation in the form of pimples. 

2. Wrinkles
There are some things that no one is waiting for: early skin aging in the form of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Yet this can happen if you let your make-up and dirt sit on your face  frequently, which breaks down the skin barrier.

3. Lips in need
Even your lipbalm can’t save you from this. Sleeping with lipstick on, can dry out your lips and moreover become more wrinkled. Your lipstick can continues to sit less easy on your lips.

4. Stye in your eye
By sleeping with mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow, your eyes are for too long in contact with makeup. This can cause sties or even a severe eye infection.

5. Stuck like glue
Do you have your fake lashes on? Remember then, because it is so close to the skin, the risk of infection is very high if you sleep with your eyelashes on. Also, your own eyelashes falls off faster if you don’t clean your eyelashes properly. Use an oil-free makeup remover to clean and remove the glue.

We hope you will clean your face before you go to bed, even if you’re super tired. Because we all want a beautiful skin.

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit


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