9 ways to know if someone is telling the truth

Do you have a suspicion that someone is lying to you? Don’t hesitate. This 9 through science-based ways, can tell you if someone is telling the truth. 

1. Their story is long and detailed
According to Psychology Today, there is a high probability that someone is telling the truth when he tells a long story that he remembered in detail.

2. They make just enough eye contact
According to the same study, there is a high probability that liars make more eye contact than usual.

3. They breathe normally 
Big chance that a liar will breathe faster, according to behavioral analyst Drs. Lillian Grass. This happens because a lie is changing your heartbeat and circulation as well as your voice.

4. They don’t touch their nose
Touching your nose means you’re lying, according to Dr. Alah Hirsch by Research Foundation. This is because your body makes a substance, histamine, which causes your nose to itch.

disney, gif, and movie afbeelding

5. They don’t touch their necks
Dr. Lillian Grass says that people often touch vulnerable places when they are telling a lie. These are your throat, neck, head, chest and abdomen.

6. They blink as usual
Are you honest? Then you blink as always. But if you’re lying, you blink a lot slower than usual and then you blink eight times faster according to Daily Mail.

7. They make complete sentences
According to a study by the University of California people who speak the truth, makes whole sentences. While liars often speaks in fragments.

8. Their smile is real
A fake laugh raises questions quickly, even in terms of fairness. According to The Telegraph’s; fake laugh is one of the signs to know if someone is lying.

9. If your instinct tells you they speak the truth
The University of California confirms: go with your feelings, chances are that your feelings are right.

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image & Pics: Pretty Little Liars & weheartit


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