This is what your lips need in the summer

Why is it that you rub your body with sunscreen in the summer, but forget about your lips? Ladies talk to the rescue: with these tips your lips will stay in top condition.

Shiny lipsticks or lipgloss can be harmful to your lips, because they can cause UV radiation to that area.

1. Olive oil and sugar scrub
If your lips are dry and starts to peel, you can remove dead skin cells with a scrub of sugar and olive oil.

2. Look for products with a good basic substance
This involves a base of beeswax, petroleum, jelly or parrafin. These products retain moisture and stay longer on your lips than lighter formulations of lip balm and lip gloss.

3. Dump your lipgloss
Stay away from lip gloss and switch to a matte lipbalm.

4. Moisturize
You need to stay hydrated, inside and out. So drink as much water as possible throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your skin healthy.

5. Healthy diet
Logical, but still good to be aware again. If you get enough of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamine C, you’ll get the antioxidants and nutrients that protects you against the sun. It’ll protect your skin – including your lips – 

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit


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