9 Struggles we all can relate to

Hello there, get yourself a cup of tea because we’re going to tell you 9 struggles that every woman can relate to.

1. Struggle with the bra
First thing we do when we get home, is taking off our bra. We can’t wait till that moment ..








2. Makeup
Friend: Are you sick? You’re looking different..
Me: This is my no makeup face, okay?!

no makeup.png









3. Shaving
You can’t wear a skirt or shorts without planning it, because you forgot to shave your legs or you just didn’t want to shave…

4. Squat on a public toilet
I don’t know if you do it, but I do anyway. Because I don’t want to get my butt on that, okay! A girl needs to protect herself.

5. Bathrooms lines
Girls always go together to the bathroom, so you can expect that you have to stand in line before you can go to the bathroom. And it always takes forever when girls go to the toilet, maybe because we all squat? hmm …

6. Bad hair day

7. Removing makeup
You’re finally home and all you want to do is sleep. You’re way too tired (and lazy) to remove your makeup. This is why you should remove your makeup, if you haven’t read it yet -> Removing makeup

8. No time
Friend: Where are you?
You: I’m almost there


9. Period
Every woman has to deal with the period. We have special period underwear, sometimes we have to cancel plans, afraid you leak through your pants and of course the cramps :(!!

Let me know a daily struggle that you have as a woman, please share!

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image: weheartit


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