How to: DIY Beauty Blender

The famous Beauty Blender: This popular makeup sponge promises you a flawless makeup look. Check this DIY Beauty Blender and you don’t have to spend money for the real Beauty Blender.

The Beauty Blender avoids a caky effect, but making your own Beauty Blender can be fun and you can pick your own color and shape. All you need for this DIY:

1. Scissors
2. Neck pillow with foam
3. If necessary, hot water and colorant

Now I hear you thinking … a neck pillow is almost as expensive as a Beauty Blender? That’s right! But that huge neck pillow can make a lot of Beauty Blender. Once your Beauty Blender is dirty or old, you can make a new one. Or make different Beauty Blender in different shapes and colors, if you have a special taste. Check the DIY Beauty Blender by ModaMob below! 

Will you make your own Beauty Blender? Let us know!

Until next time 🙂

Featured Image & Video: weheartit, YouTube ModaMob


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